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Polish Higher Education-Business Forum

Polish Higher Education-Business Forum is an association of leaders from Polish businesses and universities. The Forum was established in 1992 by the group of 15 Founder Members. The goals of the Forum defined at that time, are still valid, so as the Statue (in Polish) describes: The aims of the Forum are to increase communication among the sectors, to analyze issues of mutual concern, and to deliberate on courses of action that will effect change on these topics.

Higher education and business are increasingly interdependent: Educational institutions produce the human resources that corporations apply to the production of goods and services. Throughout its history, the Forum has addressed this interdependence by focusing on issues where cooperative efforts can have positive results for these sectors. 

The Forum is a principals-only organization, and the membership is divided between the sectors. The number of members is kept relatively small (ca. 50) to promote collegiality and to help build consensus. 

To carry out its agenda, the Forum holds semiannual meetings, convenes occasional roundtable discussions and seminars, and publishes reports. Outside experts and guests are invited to attend meetings, but discussions center on face-to-face frank exchanges among Forum members. 

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the Forum, please do not hesitate to contact the office.



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